Steel Battalion: Heavy Assault has an awesome, but expensive, Collector’s Edition

Capcom’s upcoming Steel Battalion: Heavy Assault looks great.

It is supposedly a completely crazy game that mixes Kinect motions with normal controller inputs to create magic. Find a video, and watch it in awe.

However, not only could the game be awesome, but what comes in the box looks great to, as the Collector’s Edition of the game comes with loads of extras, according to Andriasang.

First you get a copy of the game, a soundtrack, an art book, a jacket (available in selectable sizes), a leg bag, and a cap in the shape of a helmet. This all costs ¥35,000 – which is about £267.

Yes, it is expensive, but that is the price you pay for helmet shaped caps these days!

The game is out in June in Japan, and regretfully this Collector’s Edition is only confimred for that region as of yet.

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