Soviet-era and Russian tanks announced for Tank Domination

Game Insight has unveiled the first wave of armoured machines from Tank Domination – their cross-platform tank MMO simulator for mobile devices set to release in mid-October of 2013.

Representing the might of the Soviet and Russian war machine over the decades are the PT-76, BMP-3 and BMP-3K Light tanks. Moving up a weight division in to the Medium tanks are the legendary T-72, the T-80 and the last modification of that vehicle in the T-80UD. For players that prefer their Soviet tanks big and heavy, Tank Domination features the Black Eagle (Object 640) and the modified Black Eagle MT.

Tank Domination is set in the year 2023, the Earth’s nations are embroiled in an all-out global war. But today, war transcends boundaries and the law of nations. Governments are now the puppets of the world’s most powerful corporations who are building their own armies of mercenaries, supplying them with cutting edge weapons and equipment.

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