ShopTo pulls £3 GAME Reward Card promotion, now less dickish

Remember yesterday when we told you about the ShopTo promotion, where they would give new customers £3 if they sent in their GAME Reward Card?

Well it is now over, and ShopTo admit such a promotion was in bad taste.

We came to that same conclusion yesterday, a whole day early – commenting that “the promo could end up doing the company more harm than good,” in our news item.

This is Michael Pachter levels on insight at work here people. For free!

ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta has commented to Eurogamer: “The administrators of GAME Group announced yesterday that they had suspended the GAME Rewards card. As a specialist games retailer we wanted to offer those GAME customers some value for their card.”

We have withdrawn this promotion immediately as some customers have suggested the promotion was in bad taste, which was never our intention.

ShopTo have however got good promotion out of the faux pas  – as they trended on Twitter for a while yesterday evening after the promo’s debut.

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