ShopTo enter dickish mode, offer credit for GAME reward cards

If you have not heard, GAME are currently dying. They have even stopped accepting gift cards and reward cards – making those bits of plastic pretty much worthless.

This is obviously not good for the people involved, and probably angers customers who were saving credit for a future release too. However, for other retailers it offers a chance to get some new visitors to come by and give them a try.

ShopTo is one of those retailer looking for some new custom, and have launched an interesting new offer on the front page of their site in the wake of today’s developments.

The offer reads “Register and send in your GAME reward card, and get £3 of your first ShopTo order.”

They add that the deal is only available for new customers, and will only be live for a limited time.

Even though this is a genius marketing move – if only to get people talking – it is possible some may think it is in bad taste (seeing as 1000s of jobs are also affected by recent events), so it could end up doing the company more harm than good.

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