Remember that MMO RF Online? It’s back, as version 1.5 launches into open beta

OnNet Europe announces that its sci-fi, fantasy and steam punk action MMORPG RF Online 1.5 is now in Open Beta.

Taking place on the planet of Novus – RF Online 1.5 focuses on the century old conflict between three races – the Accretia, Bellato and Cora, who are at war to secure the limited resources of the Novus Galaxy.  Based on RvRvR (Race vs. Race vs. Race), RF Online 1.5 is an MMO that blends sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk themes and offers extensive customization options so that players have more freedom in creating their own characters. RF Online 1.5 is a revision of the original RF Online with added balancing and a new level cap at 105.

Kyeong Youn, Production Director from OnNet Europe, had this to say;

We are proud to have entered the Open Beta testing period with RF Online 1.5 and know that fans of the original as well as newcomers to the brand will enjoy the new experience. With its unique mix of sci-fi, fantasy and steam punk themes every player can create their own character that represents their individual personality.

Players who participate in the Open Beta phase of launch will have the chance to earn rewards, such as GamesCampus Currency, Amazon Giftcards, valuable in-game items that are awarded to loyal and active players and also through a raffle at the end of the open beta testing period.

The original RF Online was a subscription-based game that eventually went free-to-play after receiving poor reception from the gaming press. It ended up closing in 2008 after a renewal licence could not be agreed on. It will be interesting to see if this return for the game ends up being better than its original release, which was over seven years ago.