Podcast 79 – Deadly Slopes

Hey! Remember ages ago when we said anyone who stayed up to watch all the rubbish E3 conferences with us could be on the show?


The usual line-up are joined by Joe, Chris, Richard, Thom and Kain (not Sean’s dog, another one) and they attempt to talk about games without constantly interrupting each other. Also at one point Andi breaks his headset. It’s very exciting.

After the usual games-of-the-week/month/whatever, we put our listeners ON THE SPOT by making them do the Ninja Games recommendations for once, and then we ask them a load of stupid questions. See how they bloody like it.

Thanks so much to those of you who came on the show (and apologies to PhilWal; rules are rules, but you are still our favourite). It was a genuine pleasure to get to chat to some of you, and most of you didn’t have awful microphones which was an unexpected bonus.

The fate of the next episode hangs in the balance, on account of Andi not having a proper headset. We’ll probably let you know via Twitter when he sorts that out, or something.

Cheersy-byes! x

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