Podcast 77 – Holiday in Soweto

Good news! The recording for this episode clocked in at two hours and forty minutes, but it turned out over an hour of that was utterly redundant and has been skilfully removed.


Owen has been playing Tiny Tower and CivWorld; Sean’s rediscovered the joys of altruism through Monster Hunter Tri, and Andi’s been playing Quake Live like some kind of early-noughties throwback mental. Sean attempts to make an observation about how retailers couldn’t give a shit about the PSP, and how this can actually work in the maligned handheld’s favour.

Then, we address the issue of the last episode getting covered pretty much everywhere as a result of Team Meat’s comments on piracy. In case it needs saying again, thanks so much to Ed and Tommy for coming on the show, and thanks to you if you’re a new listener who stuck around for more than one episode.

Regular listeners, though? No thanks for you. NO THANKS.

After that, QUESTIONS. Our memory of this bit is pretty foggy, but there’s a definitely a bit where we explain why Ross Kemp couldn’t believe his luck when he was offered the opportunity to spend his days visiting parts of the world ravaged by crime or war. There’s also a poncy discussion about how we define what a video game is, wherein Owen discusses why walking into a lift is a game, and Tetris isn’t. And some other stuff.


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