Podcast 76 – Meet Team Meat

Holy balls, it’s special guest time. This episode, we’re joined by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat. Well, Ed joins us for pretty much the whole thing, while Tommy does his best to stay involved via a wonky 3G connection, and God bless him for doing so when it would’ve been totally acceptable for him to tell us he had better things to do.

There’s a lot of conflicting info in the podcast about the running order, and there are two intros. So, don’t worry too much about trying to figure out what the hell is going on. It’s fine.

We kick off by asking Ed (and sometimes Tommy) a load of questions – hoping to avoid a repeat of the episode where we had Michael Pachter on, and spent half an hour boring him to tears with Phantasy Star Online chat – ranging from proper questions to the usual juvenile crap we come out with. For example, there’s a bit where Ed and Tommy detail their feelings towards the IGF Awards, but there’s also a bit about pooing in public places.

After that, we discuss what we’ve bought in the recent Steam sale and not actually played, then we fire some of your questions into Ed’s face and ears. Many thanks to everyone who sent those in, and apologies that, for once, we couldn’t read them all out due to time constraints.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for Ed and Tommy for taking the time to appear on our ridiculous show. We love you all.

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