Podcast 50 – Triple WanXXX

WHOAH! We’re back, and we’re going to tell you all about the bloody Skate 3 demo until your ears bleed, and you’re going to like it, because quite frankly it’s all you scum deserve.

No, seriously though – if you’ve no interest in Skate 3, then do feel free to skip the first 23 minutes. We won’t hold it against you. Although you should listen to the very first bit, because we’re running our very first anti-competition. Basically, thanks to all the competitions we’ve run over the last few months, we’ve got a lot of readers’ ¬†postal addresses sat in our inbox. And we’re going to send one of you a copy of the utterly woeful Prison Break: The Conspiracy on the PS3.

Yeah, yeah, calm down. We know this is something you’d all rather avoid (it’s a promo copy, see, so you can’t even sell it on). So, all you need to do is e-mail us at the usual address (podcast [at] darkzero.co.uk) and tell us you don’t want to receive the game. Anyone who’s supplied us with their address in the past who fails to e-mail us will be entered into a prize draw, and the ‘winner’ will have to deal with the consequences. The terrible, terrible consequences.

After the Skate 3 stuff, Sean talks about his involvement in Klik of the Month Klub #34. It is super-interesting.¬†As for the rest of the episode, we answer a massive question from the entirely handsome Owen Grieve about games we consider ‘required playing’, and whether or not it matters that people who’ve just started playing games will have a narrower experience of our wonderful hobby. Then there’s some other stuff. And it’s all kind of funny. So, listen:

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