OpCapita launch Kickstarter to clear GAME Group’s debt

After purchasing GAME Group for £1, reportedly keeping 333 stores alive, and saving 3,100 jobs, Opcapita have turned to Kickstarter in an effort to pay off the debts they have now taken on.

This however does not help the 277 stores that already closed – which resulted in 2,104 lost jobs nationwide.

It is the best idea we could come up with, and it seemed to work well for that Tim Sharefour guy,” comments Pharrell Pool, an OpCapita spokesperson, on the Kickstarter Launch.

Here is an important image.

Multiple reports cite that GAME Group failed as both a company and an employer because of ambitious international expansion. Their eyes were too big for their stomach.

Recent reports cite that some UK workers did not receive payment for their notice periods or redundancy.

No administrator was appointed for stores in Ireland, and as a result staff in these stores were never offer any redundancies.

We at darkzero hope all staff affected get back on their feet as soon as they can.

OpCapita offer the following “rewards” for your much needed support.

In related news, MCV really do deserve a cookie for all the news stories on this topic over the past few weeks – and the insane amount of different GAME images they used in their stories.

Where did they find them?

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