Okami is “the best game you’ve never played”

We are very used to adverts spouting hyperbole, coming up with clever slogans, and talking all kinds of crap in a myriad of different ways to get your attention. Some ads for games cross slow tempo music with the action on screen to set the scene. Some ask you to believe in a hero. Then, others show a family, almost always consisting of four people sitting around a TV playing with a silly white remote none of us thought would work.

In some Barry Scott shouts at us for no reason, while in others people have a silly song and dance to try and sell you insurance. In a similar vein, the ones that offer you mortgage always seem to repeat their phone number multiple times. They’re the most annoying of all.

In truth, it is rare to see an advert truly hit home, and get right to the point. But with it’s latest web advert for Okami Wii the company have done just that, as they label it “the best game you never played.” If your interested, the ads are currently doing the rounds on the likes of Penny Arcade and GameFAQ’s amongst others should you want to turn off Adblock and check them out for yourself.

If you take total sales of the game worldwide – which ended up at about 270,000 – and compare it to our review, and the critical opinions of others then it certainly seems like Capcom speak the truth.

Hopefully, it might get a chance to gain a new audience in the move to Wii.

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