Obsidian’s Project Eternity closes with $3,986,448 – biggest game kickstarter ever

After a frantic finish and more than 500,000 raised just today, Obsidian’s Project Eternity has closed with the staggering amount of $3,986,448.

The game is looking fantastic, and, after this furious flurry to raise what amounts to the single-greatest game kickstarter in the site’s history, promises to be an exciting release from developers who’ve previously worked on the Fallout and Baldur’s Gate. The kickstarter had 73,975 unique donors, and met stretch goals to exceed it’s original kickstarter goal of 1.1 million by three times and then some. Though it fell just short of the 4 million it attempted to raise in the final minutes, this is an impressive finish nonetheless.

This just goes to show you that good games will get made, one way or another.

More information as we get it.


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