New “mode” coming to Resident Evil 5 via DLC

In the March issue of the US edition of Playstation: The Official Magazine, a review for Resident Evil 5 was on show. Over the course of the review the mag praised the game, like quite a few print outlets have being doing, giving it a score of 5/5. Near the end they make a mysterious statement that more-or-less confirms Resident Evil 5 will be getting DLC somewhere down the line.

The fun doesn’t end when you complete RE5’s main story-line,” comments the review. “We’re sworn to secrecy, but we’ve had a peek at an unlockable mode for forthcoming DLC, and it’s awesome.”

Thus far, Capcom have done no hinting at what the possible DLC could be, but if the mag is so secretive about the content, it should certainly be a lot better than a handful of unlockable costumes.

Even though this reveal comes from a PlayStation magazine, the talked about DLC will presumably be available for the 360 version of the game as well. That is unless some exclusive deal has been done, which is always likely.