Update – MGS V will come to PS3 and 360 original story: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain confirmed to be next-gen only?

UPDATE – and just like that, a Kojima rep has spoken: the poor phrasing of the GI article is to blame for the confusion. Here’s a link to a GAF post: “And I’m here, hoping to keep the message straight. But seriously, can’t figure out why this came out of that article the way it did… This has been known for a while (I think we had a press release at last E3 that outlined the consoles).”

Original story below:


Well, this is a surprise – a scan from this month’s cover story in Game Informer posted on NeoGaf (since deleted) links to a confirmation that Metal Gear Solid V will only be coming to next-gen consoles. Note – this should be taken as a rumor, for the time being, until a Kojima representative confirms it.

This is a shocker, considering that Ground Zeroes is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Interestingly, the post also claims that every time we have seen MGS V, it’s been running on next-gen hardware or PC exclusively.

Granted, this month’s Game Informer will contain definitive proof of the confirmation, but, until then, take the now-deleted scans as possible evidence of the game’s non-existence on current-gen platforms.

More information as we get it.

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