Mass Effect 4 to ‘Borrow’ from Dragon Age 3 Mechanics

Mass Effect 4 ─ a tentative title ─ will share many features with another Bioware game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Facing criticism for a possible delay in development time, Yanick Roy, Bioware Montreal’s studio director, took to twitter to explain that several core elements are transferable from Dragon Age to Mass Effect, speeding up the process.


Roy went on to say that “Yes, since we share an engine, we can start from some of DA3’s core systems instead of from scratch.” Now, the rhetoric here is a little tricky, and Roy never fully explains what “borrowing” entails. Does he just mean the formula of Dragon Age 3 will carry over to Mass Effect 4? Or is it that some of the actual game mechanics will be similar?

Either way, it looks like this tactic is speeding up the development process, and anything to get this series rolling again would be just fantastic.

Roy has stated previously that Mass Effect 4 will have a certain set of distinctions from the original trilogy, so a new approach may be just what we need. Though playing as Commander Shepard in the middle of Ferelden would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?