Mass Effect 3 patch breaks game on 360 for some users, N7 Warfare pack to blame

Reports are coming in that today’s patch for Mass Effect 3 breaks the game on Xbox 360.

There are already three select topics (herehere and here) from concerned users on the official Bioware forums – with more popping up all the time. They all share different complaints, including the game freezing, the game outright crashing, and now having extra long load times after installing the patch.

The one issue those affected all share, is that they had access to, and have downloaded the N7 Warfare pack obtained from pre-orders of the game. Once they patched the game with that content previously installed, they were hit with problems. Some go onto report they now cannot access single player or multiplayer after the patch.

Those without that content are commenting that they have no problems to report – which leads the community to speculate the N7 Warfare pack is the culprit.

Bioware have yet to officially respond – although they community themselves have come up with two temporary fixes, that involves disc swapping and a little bit of hard drive management.

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