Long awaited Infinity Blade III gets a trailer and release date

As you may well remember, early this year Impossible Studios – the team working alongside Chair to develop Infinity Blade: Dungeons – shut down and we fans of the series were left wondering if there would ever be another title; being Dungeons or III. However, Polygon then pointed out that an employee at Chair had Infinity Blade III on his LinkedIn profile. It wasn’t much to go on, but gave us a little ray of hope.

Yet with the reveal of the iPhone 5S at Apple‘s keynote came a new game to show off all of that great hardware, and what better title for it than Infinity Blade. Set to release ‘alongside the iPhone 5S’ we can expect this game very soon, so check back here in a few weeks to see what we at DarkZero thought of it. But for now, get comfortable and take a look at the trailer bellow:

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