HyperSloth releases Dream early access on Steam

It’s been a while since we last heard of Dream, the beautiful looking, atmospheric, adventure-puzzler by first-time indie developers, HyperSloth, which made a splash at last year’s Eurogamer Expo. Since then, the team have been hard at work using all the feedback gained from the gaming community to mould Dream into what it is today.

Players enter the mind of Howard Phillips, a young man who has developed an obsession with his dreams. You will discover unique interactive worlds filled with puzzles, secrets and horrors to find meaning in Howard’s directionless waking life. Dream features a narrative split into three acts with multiple paths and endings that are determined by how you explore and move between dreams.

Dream is being built by a small team of passionate students, and with the power of the Unreal Engine 3 at their disposal, the developers have built a visually stunning world with a style that proves you don’t need big budgets to create a beautiful looking game.

A quote from the official website states that;

Dream’s gameplay is strongly based around exploration with games such as Yume Nikki and LSD being the initial inspiration for the concept. On top of this we have been inspired by the narrative elements in Dear Esther and Deus Ex’s non-linear story telling and environments, the resulting gameplay maintains aspects of all 4 games. There will be many puzzles to solve, horror sections and some more narrative focused areas. So we hope it will have a range of elements for everyone to enjoy.

Purchasing Dream for £12.99 through Steam’s early access offers an alpha version of act 1. You will also get all future updates, as well as the final product once it’s released sometime in 2014. For all of you who are fans of Steam Trading Cards, the game will come with these implemented on its launch day.

Want to know more? Then check out the game’s early access page on Steam or visit the official website.

Enjoy the early access trailer for Dream.