Grim Fandango remake on the way

grim-fandango-boxSony announced at their E3 press conference that the classic 90s LucasArts PC adventure game Grim Fandango is on its way to PS4 and PS Vita.

The remake is a result of Sony’s good relationship with Disney, who acquired LucasArts in 2012 then promptly shut down the studio.

We hope that Grim Fandango gets the same highly-polished treatment Monkey Island received a few years back with its cross-platform remakes.

For now consider the Grim Fandango remake a Sony exclusive, but Tim Schafer, the original creator and now co-founder of Double Fine, has confirmed on Twitter that the updated version will likely appear on other platforms in the future.

The more classics Disney is open to help be restored, the better! The LucasArts back-catalogue is well worth keeping alive.

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