Great video game things can come out of MS Paint on NeoGAF

I am terrible at using MS Paint (or any art tool to be honest) to produce anything but squiggles – and even those look rubbish. However, some people have more talent.

The guys over on NeoGAF are some of these people – and in their “Recreate your favorite video game moments using MS Paint” thread, some magic has happened.

You can see a few of our favorites – which are the some of the more visually spectacular of the bunch – below, but make sure to check out the thread to see a better range of stuff, as there is a lot more to see.

It might be work a bookmark too, as more impressive entries are coming in every day.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare by KurowaSan

Diablo II by Vulcano’s Assistant

Silent Hill II by UrbanRats

Ghost Trick by Mista Koo

Xenoblade Chronicles by Codeblue

 Skyrim by macfoshizzle

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword by Divvy