The Sims 2: Seasons PC Review

Life can get rather boring for a Sim; every now and then they need something new to do. Thankfully over the past few years they have been given the opportunity to attend University and go out on the town in Nightlife. They also got a chance to make something of their lives and give themselves some form of a career in Open for Business and more recently Pets gave them the chance to play around with some cute animals. Unfortunately for the Sims it seems a dog is just for Christmas as poor Rover has already been tossed to the wayside and they are looking for something new… and thus we have The Sims 2: Seasons.

The Sims 2: Seasons, if you don’t already know by now is the latest expansion pack in a long line of follow ups to the 2005 release of The Sims 2. As you would expect – just like the others – it adds a little bit more to the game to entice you back if you have you been ignoring the family you have created way back when. As the name hints, Seasons adds all kinds of weather effects to the game along with some new hobbies such as gardening and also a few new career paths evolving the old Open for Business pack.

Firstly let’s speak about the weather aspects which, thankfully, are not just a graphical garnish. The weather in fact changes the way the game plays. For example when winter comes and the neighbourhood is hit with a snowfall your Sims are given the opportunity to build a snowman which you can then talk to – hey it’s the Sims, you’ve got to expect stuff like that. Spring sees flowers come into bloom and if you’re into the new gardening aspect of the game (see below) this can very satisfying as you see all the plants you’ve set grow. Summer and autumn also bring their own little touches. Also, if you purchased any of the previous expansion packs then they will be affected by the weather effects too – such as puddles outside the clubs in Nightlife and if you have Pets installed they’ll be amazed with the different changes in climate as they experience them for the first time. If you like you can also mess about with the seasons and have it hot all year round – we are sure this would have some catastrophic affect in the real world!

Your Sims are also given access to new clothes during the different seasons so you can be all wrapped up from the winter chill with scarves and coats before you head outside. In fact each Sim now has a small thermometer beside them to show if they are too warm or too cold which is yet another aspect of the game to micromanage. Seasons also brings a new neighbourhood to the game – Riverblossom Hills – which in turn brings its own set of pre-made families to amuse as you find out all their little eccentricities along with a new grocery store.

Another nice plus is the inclusion of gardening, which seems to be a well thought out and genuinely entertaining addition to the Sims. First off you have to plan out your garden and due to the fact that it uses the same building tool as your house it is easy and quick to figure out. After that it is up to you to water and weed the area and keep things looking tidy. If your Sim is living the high-life then you can even hire a gardener to do all this work for you, or even install sprinklers if you are really rolling in the cash. The more you work on your garden the more proficient you Sim will get at doing it. Also if you grow any crops you can use them for cooking. You also have to take in account what season it is while gardening, so you may be forced to build a greenhouse when a frigid winter comes along. Fishing is another new addition but sadly it is more of a one-click affair. However, once you catch a fish you can then bring it back home and present it as a trophy or if you feeling a bit peckish you can have it as you family’s evening dinner.

As we say in all Sims 2 expansion pack reviews you should already know if you want this game or not. If you already own and love the Sims games this will no doubt appeal to you. However, if you have an air of distain surround you every time you hear the word Sims mentioned this will to nothing to change you opinion. The game is not groundbreaking stuff, but it was never meant to be. It is just more of the same with a few small twists and thrown in, and for a game such as The Sims it works.

When all is said and done Seasons really is just another expansion pack in the long line EA are churning out. It is however the most feature-filled of recent attempts making it a must for fans of the series. Hopefully your wallet can afford it as if you bought all the other expansions along with the original your wallet is no around £150 lighter that it once was.

It’s great whether you like weather or not!

7.4 out of 10

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