The Sims 2: Castaway PS2 Review

April 4th 2000
Wilson! I’m sorry, Wilson,” those where the last words I heard as I floated away from Chuck yesterday. He could not save me, and I could hear the pain in his voice. He did all the paddling, but I wish I just hung on better. That was the last I ever heard from him. I don’t know where he is anymore, but hopefully he got home safe. After floating for quite some time I floated onto this island earlier today, I don’t think it’s the same as the one Chuck and I left earlier. It’s very lonely here, there is no one to talk to, or should I say listen to. You known what, I wish I took the time to talk to Chuck when he was still here, I was too quiet back then, he scared me, and he looked a bit like Tom Hanks. I looked at my reflection in the sea when I finally when reached the beach and I noticed that my face is all blood. I was bit scared for a while until I remembered that my face is in fact made of blood. I calmed down after that, but the fright left me feeling a little deflated, well I am a ball after all. To make it worse there is no one on this island to amuse me. I’d cry if I could.

October 27th 2007
Well that was a long seven years! I would like to say sorry I have not been writing in my diary much, I have had nothing to write about since I floated onto this blooming island. Well, expect for that monkey, but the less said about him the better. However, today someone appeared on my island. It was amazing. I said wow. The joy did not last long though as the fool keeps mumbling some language I don’t understand. I think I heard him mumble that he is a Sim from a computer video game thing. Sorry, I am not down with the kids anymore, I don’t really know much about these game things. I am not sure what to say to him so I will just keep quite, like I always do.

October 29th 2007
Well it seems this guy got washed up onto the island after he had an accident in his boat. I think he is looking for his friends, maybe they got shipwrecked to? Anyway, over the past day he has been running around the island looking at banana leafs, wood, and vines. Now, I cannot be sure but I think he wants to build somewhere to live. I hope he takes me in with him when he is done as it really does rain here a lot! In fact the weather is very changeable on this island. I wonder should I have told him?

October 30th 2007
I was right, he was going to build something. He managed to put together a lovely shack out of all the stuff he found. He seemed rather happy with himself when he was done. Are all Sims like this? Interestingly, it seems this Sim guy also found some blueprints today. I think he is studying them to build a bigger place to live somewhere down the line. Afterwards he went away looking around the island again and he found some stuff to eat. I think he found wild fruits and vegetables. Rather unfortunately after eating he got sick and threw up. I think they were poisonous. Thankfully that did not put the little guy of, and he tried a something different and managed to keep it down. I think he learned his lesson.

October 31st 2007
Ok, today I think he finally went mad. It seems he wants to be friends with the monkey on the island. In fact he hugged the monkey right before my very eyes. I could not believe it. However, after a while his actions became clear as after befriending the monkey the silly ape went around gathering resources for the Sim to build stuff. I am so glad he really did not fall in love with the monkey; I really don’t want that stuff of my island.

November 1st 2007
I think this guy is getting smarter, once he manages to figure out something he seems to get better at it each time after. His cooking skills have really improved since a few days ago, and those terrible memories of him getting sick right beside me are now a distant memory. After the cooking I heard him mumble that he thinks there are two more islands to explore out here. I think this guy must really be very smart as I never knew this. I think he is planning on building a boat to get to the other islands. I really think this guy is overworking himself as he has not slowed down since he arrived here. Do all Sims work this hard?

November 6th 2007
Well, he left on the boat a few days ago, and he finally came back today. It seems he did find people on those other islands, and most likely new stuff to build, and eat. He seems happy to build wooden beds and chairs now. In fact, all his friends are happy to help, and they all have even more effective tools at their disposal. They can even make fire, just like Chuck made fire. It even gets more amazing as they are using spears to catch fish, and some are even trying their hand at farming. I am embarrassed, they seem to have done more in one week than I did in seven years.

November 7th 2007
Today I saw the Sims showing each other pictures of their old adventures. I really can’t say they have changed much since then, and everything pretty much looks the same as before. Sure, they have gotten a bit of a spruce up for their time on the on this island, but there is no big change. I did notice there clothes are much more tattered than they were when they first got here. It seems their cloths can get torn if they walk through the bush. Speaking of the jungle, I got to say that it is very nice to look at. In fact this whole island is very beautiful. However, I did hear one of Sims “loading times are a bit long” whatever that is supposed to mean. Maybe they are all gone crazy now!

November 8th 2007
I wish they’d fucking speak English.

November 9th 2007
Well, it seems all of this malarkey is finally coming to a close. All in all This whole adventure is just like Fed-Ex, it delivers. However, this island is not for everyone, and once again will only please fans that like this kinda thing, which I have heard they are lots and lots of. So, I bet your wondering how I managed to write all of this, I am ball with no hands after all. But that’s a story best left for another day. Or perhaps I will get my own TV show, a show which I will use to tell all my stories. I have heard that mysterious islands are all the rage these days anyway so it should not be that hard. I think I need a better agent.

LOL, I got that James Spalding joke just now.

6.5 out of 10

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