Official PS2 Dual Shock 2 Controller PS2 Review

The original pad from Sony designed for it’s original playstation, but upgraded with rumble effects, two analogs, and updated response times from the orignial Dual Shock controller. Released at the original release of the PS2, the biggest selling PS2 pad to date.

Not a wireless pad, but still has a good wiring system. Some pads have longer wiring than others, as one can have about an extra 15 centimetres extra compared to others. Great response times, and a great shape. It is also an official pad, so it has been tested well, so it is not a poor third party option.

There are no batteries needed, as it is plugged into the console, which is a secure fit, so no problems can be encountered with the pad falling out of the port.

However, as it is wired, if you are sitting so the wire is stretching to reach the PS2, do not pull hard against the pad, bringing the controller to your chest, or further away from the console, as it will bring the whole console crashing to the floor, as I have found out from experience. However, luckily, it is unlikely to damage, as the only problem with mine was that the DVD drive got stuck, but it was easily fixed with a push, and has not damaged performance from anything so far.

One of the downsides are the analogues. They are good in games such as TimeSplitters 2, where you need identical analogues. But in some where you need one, they can be pathetic. Another flaw is with the R1, R2, L1 and L2 buttons. There is a piece inside the R2 and L2 buttons which is easily snapped. It does not damage the controller, but can force the buttons to stick down, and stay stuck. This should be removed, using a small screwdriver to take the cover of the button off. However, this can validate any warrenties as you will have taken your pad apart. Also, the R1 and L1 buttons are prone to sticking behind the casing on one of the sides, which can annoy countless times. Especially when you are going for a record on a game such as SSX Tricky, where the R1 and L1 buttons can make you crash, and lose your whole time.

The d-pad is generally good all round, however it can be a bit to small to use at times.

Overall, the best pad available for PS2, but Sony need to work on the analogues, and get them finely tuned, up to X-Box standards, and they also need to sort out the problems with the R1 and L1 buttons sticking, and remove whatever piece of plastic is getting the R2 and L2 buttons stuck.


Response: 9.4
Analogues: 4.1
Shape: 7.9
D-pad: 8.8

8 out of 10
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