Doshin the Giant GameCube Review

This game was originally on the 64DD, and in fact is quite a little treasure if you happen to own it and may fetch a respectable price on ebay. But however it is a game that isn’t all that good for the price you would end up paying if you where to pursue a copy. This is the case with many rare games…


The fact of the matter Is unless you’re a fan of the genre of game youwont find much to do . Most of the game is spent levelling land and pulling up trees from the ground, hmmm fun… Best not get to excited by the prospect best we. The hole point of the game is toget the villagers to erect statues in your honour. Which after the first 2 beginsto get repative only 14 or so more to go. You get these statues by helping the locals build them for you, by completing necessary puzzles. Which after about 3 hours of play you come to the conclusion what’s the point? And you begin to turn into your other side, which can be done by pressing right shoulder button,and then persisting in burning the village that your villagers have worked hard to build and then stamping on the locals. Also you earn hearts or skulls depending on how you treat the locals the latter being if you treat your locals like footballs, hearts are earned by treating them with decencyand respect (yeah right…) football any one? When you acquire a full circle of either hearts or skulls you begin to grow larger which enables you to climb higher mountains and pick up bigger buildings.


By no means am I a graphics whore but I do have to say how abysmal the graphics truly are. The only thing that keeps the score up is the water. Even the video clips fail to deliverwhat would be expected of a bog standard Playstation 2 game. The giant is coloured a daftshade of yellow with no texture. The natives are slightly better probably pushing a N64 to limits or near, but that just isn’t good enough for a Gamecube game which cost 40 pounds. Plus the extra memory card you will probably have to buy to accommodate the some 40 blocks + it requires to save, not worth the money in my opinion.


Probably the best asset the game posseses. Groovy tropical tunes and lots of tasty sound clips in voices you’d hear in a child’s television show. But however there is room for improvement as the music begins to bore and drag. However on the whole the music fits in well with the game.The music at the end of the day is great and very slow passed. Often leaving the most caffeine high person drowsy.


When you get a game as shallow as this you really aint going to get to much play time. I think unless you had to, like me, be able to write a fair review, you would not bother to finish this game. It has the life span of a dead person. Although to finish it takes a fair long time to finish, who will even bother? I’ts dead before even you switch it on, what a waste of disc space tsk tsk.


A hollow shell of a game, which could have been so much better if it was only built upon. DON’T buy it unless you’re a die-hard god game fan, even then think about it…

5 out of 10
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