Demolish and Build Company 2017 PC Review

Have you ever wanted to run your own construction business? Well now you sort of can with Demolish and Build Company 2017.

Demolish and Build

The array of simulation games is growing larger by the day with yearly editions or just new games looking to simulate something completely different. Construction isn’t a new idea but combining destruction is at least a step in another direction.

The game is aimed around you (the boss) taking on jobs destroying buildings, filling in holes or removing old tires or something very similar to that formula, this is all to get the site ready for construction. You take the role of the company owner/manager driving around in his open back truck between jobs taking calls for more jobs and being advised to buy other machines to start new jobs like cargo.

Demolish & Build

Most of the early part of the game is centered around getting the tools needed to demolish with no building taking place. The closest you come to building early on is cleaning up a camping site and some caravans magically appear. Not really building but you get the idea of how little building takes places early on. As the game progressed and you start to pick up more tools the missions change and building start to come into realization and helps to round out the game. The main reason for the game taking this approach is help you learn the ropes and how to use all of those tools you just picked up, but with a helpful key in the top left of the screen during every stage even a monkey could handle this.

The driving between town and missions is horrible the truck tends to over and understeer like you’re on an episode of Top Gear. The other drivers on the road just turn and don’t break either making the whole experience cumbersome and annoying. Whatever you do don’t hit lampposts because they are indestructible like the other cars and scenery. I’ll draw a line in the sand here as it’s not a driving sim but with much of the game meaning you have to transport yourself town to town and mission to mission this gets old fast.

Demolish and Build

The graphics in the game aren’t great at all, especially not for a game in 2016. I understand it’s a simulation game but more attention to the graphics would have been nice and you know things would have looked much better too. The physics are pretty much on point but somethings still fall the wrong way or get caught on things they shouldn’t. Buildings tend not to collapse in a way you would thing either, at one point after destroying all the supporting columns the building just stayed up – something that shouldn’t happen.

Overall the game is fun to play and as my first foray into simulation games it held my attention for a while, but I quickly noticed when things fell apart or just didn’t stand up to my ideal of what a simulation should be. I would recommend the game to anyone who loves a nice sim game but to newcomers you will quickly become annoyed with the graphics, physics and the driving.  

5 out of 10