Baseball Riot Switch Review

10Tons has moved it’s mobile game Baseball Riot to the Switch and we’re going hands on with the physics puzzler.

The game follows along with a retired baseball legend Gabe Carpaccio on his quest to save his old team from the evil Explodz energy drink corporation, who have turned their fans and them into mindless star hoarding addicts.

Each level is different and contains various enemies but they all have exactly the same aim, don’t run out of baseballs, get all the stars and take out all the enemies. A tried and tested method that has taken many a game to fame but one I found to be a little lacking on the Nintendo Switch. After around 10 or so levels the monotony of the puzzler began to set in and the number of times you needed to restart to meet the aim of the level began to grate on me. You will find yourself restarting each level a number of times to try and get all the stars and take out all the enemies because your shot was slightly off.

The saving grace for the game was the variety of enemies that got introduced as the game progressed. Changing how enemies could be taken out and adding in various aspects like catchers who grab the baseball out of the air means you have to adapt to the new threat quickly in order to actually beat the new levels. I did find myself slowly resenting the Umpire enemy though as they could only be hit from behind which meant trying to use only 1 baseball was next to impossible on most levels.

Control wise the game was simple to master and 10Tons even went as far as to add Switch touch screen support so you don’t actually need to use the Joycons at all, this was novel and the first time i’d seen full touch screen support on a game in the month or so i’d had my Switch.

I found the aim line in the game to be a little off also as sometimes when the ball was walloped by Gabe it would clip a hit box on another item littered around the level meaning that shot you just perfectly lined up was a bust. This was definitely an odd find on a game that is all about precision.

With over 100 levels, cartoony graphics, a low price tag, simple controls and humour to boot this is worth a few hours of your time but don’t expect too much replayability above restarting the level over and over.

4 out of 10
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