101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix Wii Review

There is no shortage of party games for Wii and Sports Party Megamix contains 101 mini-games on one disc. That’s rather a lot, so are there 101 reasons to rush out and buy this game? Having been raised by my mother to believe that quantity is not necessarily better than quality, I harboured a smidgeon of scepticism.

Just like many other mini-game compilations you compete in various sports, ranging from clay pigeon shooting to archery, sack races, rock climbing and even gladiator-esque events. It seems like it deliberately picks some of the most unpopular sports out there. If handled well this wouldn’t be a problem, however it becomes quickly apparent this game is lacking rather a lot… mainly quality.

Only twelve events are available for selection at the start and as you complete each mini-game two more are unlocked. This may seem like an arduous task, but being a party game made with the aim of being played in short bursts, each mini-game tends to last around 30 seconds or so. It would be acceptable were any of these mini-games fun or memorable, sadly they are nothing of the sort.

You would also think that with with 101 attempts at providing something worthwhile, the game would at provide variety in its actions, again this is not the case and although the events may differ in name, contextual input is frequently the same and repeated over and over with no ingenious use of the Wii-mote or the nunchuck. A shame, since this is a game which manages to be surprisingly responsive compared to some of the other shovelware titles released on the Wii that masquerade as a fun party game.

Most party games and sports games (Wii Resort, FIFA, Wii Sports) allow you to use your Mii in-game, thereby adding a bit of customisation and personalisation to the experience. However this game denies you of this opportunity.

You are required to outscore all of your opponents in order to progress to new mini-games. I found some of the events such as the rock climbing and the clay pigeon shooting arduous and a royal pain in the arse, with some of the shooting and aiming being totally off and unintuitive. If you are a person of great patience, you may just make your way to the end – but is more an example of your ability to persevere through drivel.

The graphics are disturbingly bad and the screen is so busy it is hard to make out who is aiming where. Likewise the audio is equally poor at immersing you in the game. Every aspect on show screams budget and it’s the archetypal example of a game released to cash in on the unsuspecting parent or grandparent.

101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix lacks imagination, polish, passion, quality, depth, and will ensure your house will never be the place to party at again.

1 out of 10