Preview: Infinity Blade: Dungeons – hold on a minute…that’s on a phone?!

Yeah you guessed it – it’s almost that time again when you stop in amazement and realise how far technology has progressed in the last few years. It’s the third title in the Infinity Blade series, arguably the best looking game on a hand-held to date (let alone a phone).

Infinity Blade: Dungeons, however, is not simply the third game. From what we’ve seen in the recent trailers and the footage seen at E3 2012, Dungeons takes a whole different approach to the story than in the previous two games. Instead, set “several thousand” years prior to the first instalment, the player takes on the role of a weapon-smith. Your power lies solely in your ability to forge flesh-tearing bone-smashing tools (created in a fun little mini-game).

For all of you that experienced the great series so far, and I’m sure you all have (unless you refuse to spend over 69p on a game or still have a Nokia 3310), this game may come as a little surprise. Developed not by Chair, but by some of the talent behind the hugely successful Gears of War franchise, Dungeons will play like a dungeon-crawler, hack and slash with a similar look and feel as God of War, along with a clever yet simple combat system.

What made the original games so successful? Was it the magnificent graphics? Or was it the incredible fact that a person with one hand blown off and the other hand missing four fingers could still play with ease? Epic games clearly know this and have managed (by the looks of things) to keep the simple combat controls whilst adding much more freedom and exploration.

Due to be released sometime in 2012, Infinity Blade: Dungeons is definitely one to look out for. I’m very anxious to see if it really is as ground-breaking as it appears right now, and, more importantly, if it lives up to the Infinity Blade name. Fingers crossed.

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