Free-to-play ArcheBlade gameplay footage

After 3 years of development on ArcheBlade, CodeBrush Games released a Kickstarter to gain some extra funds but it was quickly cancelled due not having enough momentum from backers, but that didn’t stop them. The team announced that the game would still be ready for March and that they would come back to Kickstarter later, when they had more interest. They stuck by their release promise and Archeblade became available recently as free-to-play on Steam. The game is said to be based on a fantasy novel of the same name.

ArcheBlade is a 3D, online, multiplayer fighting game that follows the same freemium model as games such as League of Legends and DoTA. There is a number of different champions to choose from but only several of them are free at any one time. Which characters are available for free will likely change regularly, allowing players to try before they buy. There are currently just 12 characters to choose from and new ones will likely be released in regular updates. Each champion looks great and plays uniquely, changing the gameplay styles and fighting mechanics. The game caught my eye and upon watching a trailer my interest was piqued. After downloading it and checking out the tutorial, I jumped into a few games with a friend and I loved every minute of it. After a few hours of play I purchased the starter pack so that I could check out the rest of the champions, which was definitely worth the low price of £14.99, especially since the game cost nothing. In total, I played for a solid 10 hours and not once wanted to stop.

Here’s some footage to feast your eyes on.

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