Fan-made Overwatch map catches the eye of Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan

An Overwatch map created by a dedicated fan has attracted the praise of Blizzard’s vice president Jeff Kaplan after it was shared on the game’s reddit group.

The map, created by Filipino art student and self-taught 3D artist Joshua Llorente, features a futuristic Cairo, complete with the technologically advanced vehicles and architecture that have become central to the designs of previous Overwatch maps. Combining the innovation of Overwatch’s 2076-ish setting with traditional Egyptian design traits, Llorente’s imagining of Cairo is more than impressive.

When his flyover video of the map was posted on Overwatch’s reddit group, it prompted an onslaught of positive comments, and even a prompt response from Blizzard’s own Kaplan. ‘Amazing work!’ he wrote. ‘We’ll be in touch soon.’

Cairo isn’t the only map Llorente has created: his ArtStation portfolio page displays detailed visions of Manila, Luxor and Overwatch’s own lored-up location and headquarters of Symmetra, Vishkar Labs.

Whether there’s a job offer on the horizon, or just some rare Pachimari merch en route to the Philippines, we’re not quite sure, but credit where credit is certainly due.

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