Entries for MGS V: The Phantom Pain have appeared on PlayAsia – is this the official name?

Talk about an odd day. We don’t normally comment on rumors, but this one seems legitimate enough to write on. A user on NeoGAF has spotted an odd discrepancy where Metal Gear Solid V receives the subtitle The Phantom Pain. And this is somewhat surprising, considering that we’ve believed the Phantom Pain to be a different MGS game than MGSV. Could they be the same?

Linking to the site PlayAsia, user HardRojo notices that the game’s website combines the games into one title.


MGSV - The Phantom Pain (US) MGSV - The Phantom Pain (Japan)

Both entries are region specific, but notice that only the American site lists the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as tentative. Does this mean that the game is already locked into that title for Japan, but that it may change for the US?

And before you dismiss the listing as being inaccurate because of From Software’s listing on the site, remember that Kojima has already outsourcing one MGS title to Platinum Games. From Software developing MGS: V is definitely a possibility.

Thoughts are always welcome, and more information as we get it.

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