EA Forcing High Price For Fifa Street 3 At GAME?

Thanks to a post over on neoGAF by forum member homez99 it seem that EA are forcing GAME to sell FIFA Street 3 (which is release tomorrow – Friday) at a high price point. It’s alleged the reasoning behind this stems from the fact EA is refusing the sell the title to GAME at the lower price publishers usually offer to retail, thus meaning GAME has no other option but to charge the high price point to make a profit on the sale. Furthermore, it is also alleged GAME will not be supporting the title in-store, refusing to display prominently, only displaying the game on its designated chart position for the week, and not pricing matching on the game due to the possibility of making a loss of the sale.

Now, we know that Fifa Street 3 is not the most quality filled title, but if this news is to be believed it could be seen as just the beginning of EA (and possibly other publishers) forcing the retailers hand to raise prices, and that cannot be good for the industry – and in turn us.

Interestingly, this news comes just a few short weeks after the likes of The Club, and Devil May Cry 4 where selling at bargains prices at similar stores, but now it seems we have quickly reached the other, more distasteful end of the spectrum.

Below is the email which is believed to be currently circulating to GAME stores informing managers of the company stance on the game. Once again thanks to homez99 over at neoGAF for the image:

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