DreadOut – An Extremely Promising Horror Game

I am a big fan of horror games, but what disappoints me is that we are led to believe that the current climate for video games doesn’t lend itself well to quality horror products any more.  I call nonsense on that, but there’s no argument against the fact that big budget titles have left the routes of horror and suspense, and gone down the road of all-out action, with the theme of horror used as a model to create strange creatures to shoot at. I miss the days of good, well-crafted horror games.

This is where DreadOut, a video game developed by an Indonesian studio called Digital Happiness, grabbed my attention. It evokes classic survival-horror suspense that I haven’t felt since Amnesia, but before that, not since the almighty spook-fest that is Fatal Frame 2, which DreadOut is heavily inspired by, but with an Indonesian ghost folklore twist instead of Japanese myths.

DreadOut currently has three days left on its Indiegogo campaign, and at the time of this post, is short by $6,000 of its rather low goal of $25,000. If you like what you see in the video below, then you can support the game by going to DreadOut‘s page on Indiegogo, or  take the demo for a spin yourself and feel the crushing atmosphere this game covers you in. After my own 15 minutes with the game, I can easily say I am excited to see where this project goes. You can see my experience with the game in the video below, along with a on-the-spot talk about my opinions on DreadOut.

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