Doom gets a May release date, collectors edition, and a generic box art as well

Bethesda have taken time out of their day to announce Doom, the new Doom, has an official release date. That date is May 13th 2015. I checked my cat calendar and this year May 13th lands on a Friday. I see what you have done there Bethesda. Very smart! Because I have some time on my hands I can tell you that this date is 8190 days after the original release of Doom on December 10 1993. Do you feel old now?

They have also released a fancy new trailer to go alongside the announcement. Look!

Like all other games released nowadays, new Doom (NuDoom) will have a version labeled as a “Collectors Edition” that you maybe should not buy. The Doom CE will come with a rather large figure that makes the edition exceedingly expensive. Work on the figure was done in partnership with collectible maker TriForce. They know how to make these things.

Furthermore Bethesda have shown final boxart for the game which looks like a cross between Bomberman Act Zero and an angry version of Master Chief. Maybe a bit too generic for its own good.


Gameplay in Doom sees you shoot things with a gun. The storyline of the game revolves around shooting things with a gun. Sometimes you might lob a grenade. Hopefully I have now explained everything you need to know about Doom in great detail.


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