Dark Souls II wants to beta test you dying again on 12th October – PS3 only

We’re huge fans of the Souls series here at DarkZero, so it pleases us that Namco Bandai are holding the first phase for Dark Souls II‘s beta testing on 12th October, while a second round will start from 27th October. This is just for the PS3 version of the game, so PC and Xbox 360 owners are out of luck.

All PS3 owners need to do to sign up is log into the Sony Entertainment Network store and download the DARK SOULS II Closed Beta – Registration Ticket

It sounds like Namco Bandai are using this beta to reveal a new area of the game, so even people who were lucky enough to play the E3 build will still be in for a few surprises and “overwhelming enemy encounters.”

Dark Souls II will be launching in Europe, USA and Australasia in March 2014.

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