Colors 3D getting a Euro eShop release later this month

Collecting Smiles, the developer of Colors 3D for the 3DS, has announced the game/app will be getting a release on the Euro arm of the eShop on April 19th – it will cost €6.

The game was first released in the US a few weeks ago on their eShop, with a 2D version of the app also available on iOS.

If you have not been keeping up to date, Colors 3D is a drawing/painting app that lets you create art on the 3DS (in 3D), and then share it online.

You don’t just share a basic image though, you can share a time-lapse video of how you made your creation. You can also use the 3DS app as a viewer to view the work of others.

If you don’t care about viewing in 3D, a veritable bucketload of creations have been shared on the official community site – Colors Live.

Below is a trailer that explains the basics of what you can create with the app – if you have talent (like this guy).

If you find it interesting, then make sure to click those links above as they have much more exciting content.

Thanks to spartacris for the the Legend of Zelda themed header image – make sure to check out the rest of his drawings.