Chainsaw Warrior Rips onto Steam

Games Workshop’s classic board game Chainsaw Warrior launches today on Steam. The game was originally released in its physical form back in 1987 and has been recreated as a PC title by Bristol based indie developer, Auroch Digital.

The original was noted for its challenging solo gameplay – an aspect that has been preserved in this PC version. Auroch Digital’s Design & Production Director, Tomas Rawlings notes:

When I first played this game in the ’80s, I knew of its reputation as a seriously challenging game and that’s why I wanted to take it on, to win where others had failed. We’ve kept that level of challenge and added to it in this version that both references the original styling and refreshes it for PC.

The Steam version of the game comes with Steam achievements, a new leaderboard system and exclusive Steam trading cards.

The game is out on Steam for £3.99.For more information, you can follow Auroch Digital on Twitter or check out the official website.

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