British politician wants ‘red button’ to block games

redbuttonwoman_newsThisIsDerbyshire reports that Glenis Willmot, a British politician that holds the East Midlands constitute, has remarked that it would be a good idea for game consoles to have “red button” that parents could use to stop their kids playing video games.

She comments that she backs the recommendation, which was started in other European countries, that would see all consoles installed with a red button. Parents could then quickly press the button to block access to games at certain times.

Research shows video games are useful for educational and medical purposes – and they can be good fun. But not all of them have content which parents will be happy with,” she said.

Online games, which are easy to download on to a PC or mobile phone, make parental control even harder.

If you are not keeping up to date, all games consoles currently have parental controls built into their firmware, and also have an off-button somewhere on their person. Is this not enough?