Bombs over Baghdad – Tank Domination’s first playable level is Iraq

Game Insight has released all-new information on its upcoming cross-platform mobile tank simulator. The game’s official information portal has been updated with new information on Iraq, the first location in the game to be revealed to the public. More information can be found in the maps section of the Tankopedia at

Tank Domination for mobile devices is set to release mid-October of 2013

Check out the new screenshots below.

GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_001 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_002 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_003 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_004 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_005 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_006 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_007 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_008 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_009 GI_TankDomination_Location_Iraq_Screenshot_010

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