Blockbuster UK will now fulfil Xbox One and PS4 preorders, if you take a survey

Blockbuster UK have announced they will fulfil all Xbox One and PS4 preorders the company had taken – even though they are still in pretty rough shape financially.

The company comments that they have “teamed up with Microsoft and Sony to reserve Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles for Blockbuster customers who pre-ordered in advance,” which is great news, as it was previously thought customers had lost their preorder when the company announced they were going into administration.

There is a small caveat though, “Before we can do this however we need your permission to pass the details of your pre-order onto Microsoft and Sony’s fulfilment partner for the purposes of reserving a console for you,” the company states

So if you are happy with that, all you have to do is fill out this survey, and you will still get a console at launch – if you preordered in time, and if nothng else goes wrong in the meantime.

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