Audiosurf getting a sequel – Audiosurf Air. Beta signups available

Audiosurf was first released way back in February of 2008 – four whole years ago. Since then, the only real follow up to the game was Audiosurf Tilt, which was released for Zune.

Now, all these years later, a follow up is confirmed to be coming – titled Audiosurf Air.

The game is developed by the game mind behind the original – indie whiz Dylan Fitterer, and according to the official site, is in line to be released later this year. No further details on the game at this point.

Beta signups are also go at that same site. Just stick your email into the hole provided, and hope for the best.

Below are some work in progress screenshots – which are not final. Also, other things are also not final too. You’re not final either.

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