Amazon lists Forza 5 Limited Edition with probable Xbox One release date

Before we’re accused of rumor-mongering (and some of you will still do it), Amazon might have just revealed the Xbox One’s release date in an update for Forza 5’s Limited Edition.

The game had a December 31, 2013 release date earlier this week, but is now updated with a November 27th, 2013 release date, which would make the system available two days before Black Friday.

Forza 5

While the LE of Forza 5 doesn’t sound all that appealing, this release date lines up perfectly with what we already know. A pre-Black Friday release is assured because of Thanksgiving’s late date and Microsoft’s unwillingness to miss holiday sales, and the updated placeholder seems to assure that we finally have a day for the One’s release. Even more importantly, all other releases for Xbox One still show December 31, 2013 – it looks like a winner here folks.

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