Activision’s new Bond game, 007 Legends, to have Kinect support says Amazon

After the first reveal of the game earlier today, US retailer has now put up an item page for both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of 007 Legends.

There is not much new info on the PS3 page, but the 360 page proudly boasts the game’s title as “James Bond 007 Legends Kinect.

Looking through the rest of the page, no other info is given on what Kinect options the game will have, but if Amazon is right, and that is in fact the games official name, Kinect could play big part in the 360 version, as only games with a big Kinect influence have the peripherals name in the actual title – the recent Kinect Star Wars is a good example.

However, Amazon’s listing could also be slightly mistaken – and the game could instead be “Better with Kinect” – like the recent release of Mass Effect 3. If so, this better mean you can shout for a Martini (shaken not stirred), during a gunfight. If not, then no buy.

Regardless of which way this goes, we are sure Activision would like us to remind you that 007 Legends is coming “later this fall.

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